The Stoa of Attalos – Using black and white

The Stoa of Attalos

Of all the wonderful sights to see in Athens, the Agora’s Stoa of Attalos might be the most underappreciated. For the photographer in me, the word “underappreciated” gets my spidey-senses tingling, as it usually comes with the potential for beautiful picture without the big crowds of the main attractions. This was no exception.
Built around 150 BC, the Stoa of Attalos was an important commercial hub in Athens for over three centuries, until its destruction at the hands of the Herulians. It was completely restored in 1956 and today is home to the Museum of the Ancient Agora, adjacent to the famous Acropolis.

Its tall pillars, at the right time of day, cast their shadows across the long, narrow hallway, creating beautiful pictures with stunning contrast.

I am not usually a fan of black and white photos, but in this case, I found the color to be an unnecessary distraction from the main focus of the picture, which is the contrast between the sun-lit floor and the shade from the pillars. Sometimes simple is better, and this happened to be one for those times.


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