Winter in Tremblant

Lonely TreesWinter MorningSnowy Road Throught the Forest

Winter in Canada can be quite harsh. The days are short and and the winds are cold, but despite all that I absolutely love it. There is nothing better than a photo shoot after a fresh snowfall. The key is to get out there early, before track marks and footprints ruin a perfect scene. That’s what I did when I went up to Mont Tremblant National Park the morning after the first big snow storm of the year. I was the first person there that day, as only the tracks from the park ranger’s truck were on the roads. If anything I think the fresh tracks add some character to the third picture.
For pictures in the snow, I like to underexpose my shots so I can get a blue sky. The fresh snow is so white that it can easily get blown out anyways, so slightly underexposing isn’t a bad idea even when the sky is cloudy. The inherent brightness of the shot also allows for shooting with low ISO settings, small apertures, and fast shutter speeds, giving you crisp images with a large depth of field, ideal conditions for beautiful landscapes.

As I’ve said before, Mont Tremblant National Park is an amazing place to visit at any time of the year because each season offers something new and different to explore. It is a must visit for photographers of any experience level.


5 Replies to “Winter in Tremblant”

  1. The shots are beautiful. Thank you for the tips Ted. It looks heavenly.
    Growing up South India, we spent hot summers waiting for the blissful monsoon. The extent of snow I’ve seen is when we forgot to defrost the freezer. UAE, where we live now, has lovely desert winters, but of course, no snow. We’ve planned a trip to Himachal Pradesh in India for a week. Hope to see snow for real and use your tips to get some decent shots. Thanks again Ted.
    Imagine me ogling at the photos and my husband rolling eyes 🙂

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