Weekly Photo Challenge: One

Lady Walking on the Street

Here is the picture I chose for this week’s photo challengeone. I feel it is a good representation of the theme on many levels. Not only does it portray the literal sense of the word, with one woman walking alone on the street, but it also depicts a somewhat sad truth about life in general, that aging brings about loneliness. As we age, whether it be due to career relocation, growing apart, or even death, we tend to lose most of the people we once knew and cared for. The young group of people walking on the sidewalk in the opposite direction helps add contrast to the photo, further strengthening this notion.



4 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: One”

    1. This picture actually happened more by accident. I was trying to capture the woman as well as the beautiful colour and texture of the wall.
      But the street was busy and the group happened to walk into the frame and I just really liked the results!

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