Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters


The theme of this week’s challenge was Letters. My first instinct was to take a picture of some cool graffiti. I love taking pictures of graffiti because it kind of blurs the line between art and vandalism, between beauty and ugliness. It allows for some pictures with interesting juxtaposition and social commentary.
For this image, I was photographing this graffiti on a shipping container next to a bike path. What I really liked about this scene was all the strong lines leading the eye down the bike path and into the tunnel. I was fortunate enough that a cyclist passed by while I was shooting (the weather wasn’t very nice for biking) and I waited until she was in the perfect position to take the picture!


6 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters”

  1. I really like this image – great processing, great composition and focus. And, I’m glad you waited for the cyclist to enter the frame. He/she adds just the right amount of human element to the image.

    Reminds me of they type of image I’d take.

  2. This is great. The cyclist is near parallel to the shipping container. Perfect timing and a steady hand you have there. The words on the container look very consistent in size and colour. Someone must have spent quite a while doing it up, an art of self expression 🙂

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